Radiation-induced and oxidative DNA damages

A Research Topic in the open acces journal Frontier Chemistry/Chemical Biology dedicated toRadiation-induced and oxidative DNA damages has been published in July 2015.This topic consists of nine research articles and aims at giving an extended overview of the current research in the domain, with fundamental contribution from the leading groups in the field of DNA reactivity, structural characterization, photo-chemistry and photo-physics, as well as repair mechanism. It will therefore be a fundamental guide for scientists wanting to address the field of DNA lesion and repair, but also more generally for researchers working in rational drug design or in the development of biomarkers and medical imaging techniques.


Figure:Scheme of the different possible oxidative attacks by OH∙ on DNA nucleobase or backbone sugar moiety. Taken fromDumont, E., Monari, A. (2015). Understanding DNA under oxidative stress and sensitization: the role of molecular modeling. Front. Chem. http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fchem.2015.00043

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