DNA damage response and immune signaling alliance

The DNA damage response and immune signaling alliance: Is it good or bad? Nature decides when and where!The immunogenic properties of ionizing radiation, a prototypic DNA damage response and repair (DDR/R) inducer, serve as suitable examples of how DDR/R stimulation alerts host immunity. Thus, critical cellular danger signals stimulate defense at the systemic level and vice versa. Disruption of DDR/R–ImmR cross talk compromises (multi)cellular integrity, leading to cell-cycle-related and immune defects.

In this review we discuss new experimental data and by application of bioinformatics and Ingenuity pathway analysis, we propose a relationship between the emerging DDR/R–Immune response (ImmR) concept that opens up a new avenue of therapeutic options, recalling the Hippocrates quote “everything in excess is opposed by nature.”

Uni bern 2017/02