Working Group 2: Models of DNA Damage and Consequences (Research Highlights)

Studies performed on free radical DNA damage opened the way to fundamental discoveries of structural and functional consequences on the genetic material, which can be applied to basic processes in ageing and diseases, to development of therapeutic agents, and to biomarker discovery. The main objectives of WG2 will be:

  • mechanistic studies elucidating the radical-induced complex lesions, which are the most dangerous in impairing defence systems;
  • biomarker discovery and development of the nucleic acid modification, in view of providing a complete screening of DNA damages;
  • parallel oxidative and free radical damages with protocols for the analytical identification of the whole lesion pattern in biological samples;
  • study of complex DNA lesions’ induction mechanisms, repair and biological consequences;
  • DNA lesions produced by lipid decomposition products (aldehydes) or through amino acid radicals.

Uni bern 2017/02