Working Group 3: Membrane Stress, Signalling and Defences

Membrane stress and remodelling caused by free radicals has been suggested as a crucial signal in the overall homeostatic control of cells. During stress the unsaturated lipids are modified, for example by peroxidation or isomerization. In the latter case, the consequences of the transformation of the natural cis geometry to the trans configuration still needs to be addressed in detail. WG3 will address the following objectives:

  • development of biomimetic models of peroxidation and isomerization damages using liposomes; this model will be also used for the tandem lipid-protein and lipid-DNA damage models and for the discovery of new isomerizing agents;
  • biomarker discovery and study of the membrane lipid remodelling in cellular models under different pathological (e.g., diabetes, atherosclerosis) and dietary conditions as signalling for the whole metabolic response;
  • examination of defence systems based on antioxidant and radical-trapping agents toward the membrane integrity;

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