Working Group 4: Bio-Inspired Synthetic Strategies

Bioinspired synthetic strategies based on free radical reactivity demonstrated their importance as models of naturally occurring processes. WG4 will explore:

  • applications in catalysis, e.g. C-H activation, using the efficiency of free radical reaction cycles, and in green chemistry, also using the tolerance to aqueous environments of most free radical reagents;
  • development of new processes based on oxidative biomimetic catalysis or coupling, either for new synthetic procedures or for new materials (polymers) based on polymer-bioconjugates and organic-hybrid materials;
  • chemical modifications of biomolecules, either for simulation of the biological free radical damage or for providing molecular libraries to be used in biomarker discovery;
  • applications of free radical bioactive products (such as 4-HNE) as potential bioactivators of nanomaterials (such as carbon nanotubes or bioceramics).

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